The Electric Vehicle Road Trip Africa Announced At The Green Transport Strategy Launch

  • Global EVRT announces the first African edition of the Electric Vehicle Road Trip
  • Global EVRT are supporting the message of South Africa’s Department of Transport’s Green Transport Strategy 2050 – “Moving South Africa Sustainably”
  • Department of Transport Minister, Dr. Nzimande calls for action “there is a need to embrace technology and innovation for electric vehicles in South Africa”
  • This is a milestone in the history of transport in South Africa – invitation to businesses and government to participate

City of Tshwane, October 17th, 2018: The Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) will launch for the first time in South Africa in October 2019. The announcement was made by CEO and Co-Founder Ben Pullen at the Department of Transport’s Green Transport Strategy 2050 – “Moving South Africa sustainably” dialogue event.

Global EVRT created the unique concept: Road Trips, Forums and Festivals, which is currently taking place in Europe and the Middle East. The Department of Transport invited Ben Pullen to announce EVRT Africa 2019 and share details on the 9 day road trip with delegates.

The 2,500+ kilometre road trip will cross South Africa – without using a single drop of petrol! Alongside their partners, Global EVRT will be installing electric vehicle charging stations on route to help expand the growing infrastructure currently being rolled out, and to pave the way to worry-free electric vehicle travel across the country.

The Road Trip connects the Mobility Forums and Festivals which will be taking place in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town. The series of mobility events align with the vision of the Green Transport Strategy 2050 and will create a positive platform for business, government, and people to showcase their technologies, initiatives, ideas and to inspire the nation.

Ben Pullen of Global EVRT said: “Globally the electric vehicle market has developed significantly in the last 12 months and that is starting to be reflected in the South African automotive industry. It’s fantastic to see that there are a whole host of forward-thinking businesses and government entities in the country that are innovating and finding solutions to accelerate the transition to cleaner, smarter and more accessible mobility.

“However, there is still a lot of misunderstanding amongst the market of what electric vehicles are capable of. By tackling long distances and challenging terrains, we are clearly demonstrating electric vehicles are not just more environmentally friendly options for the future, they are real options for car buyers right now! Not to mention the innovative gadgets and technology which will excite, impress and optimise the driving experience.”

Previous Electric Vehicle Road Trip events have seen new vehicles from Chevrolet, Renault, and Tesla being put through their paces. Global EVRT will be working to secure partnerships with South Africa’s manufactures and dealers to ensure that the latest electric vehicles will be available to test drive and experience in October 2019.

Driving an electric vehicle during the road trip is the perfect way to fully appreciate the capabilities of the technology that is shaping the future of transport and to see first-hand how well the cars navigate the open road, especially over long distances. This is why the EVRT Africa offers the perfect platform to launch products into the market and get it infront of end users, as this is where the paradigm shift happens.

During Global EVRT’s Mobility Conference at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi last January, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Founder, Michael Liebreich stated that “the transition to electric vehicles is happening, it’s inevitable!”. This is a message that the Department of Transport Minister, Dr. Nzimande reinforced this week, stating “there is a need to embrace technology and innovation for electric vehicles in South Africa”.

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About Global EVRT

Global EVRT are inspiring transformation to smart mobility through epic adventures and sharing insights. Through this passion, a unique concept was created: Road Trips, Festivals and Forums. 

Road trips: An adventure where the Road Trippers go head-to-head in a challenge to become the champion of the EVRT Africa. The Road Trip crosses long distances and challenging terrains to showcase the power and capabilities of electric vehicles and their infrastructure. This is a perfect opportunity to get the latest technologies in front of end users in an exciting and inspiring environment, as this is where the paradigm shift happens.

Forums: A collaborative space for the latest insights in the smart mobility and electric vehicle industry to be shared by Government decision makers, business leaders such as manufacturers, infrastructure and energy companies to make the adoption of electric vehicles a reality.

Festivals: Another opportunity to put products in front of the general public. It creates opportunities for fans to test drive vehicles and engage with a range of experts, vital to the evolution of the electric vehicle industry.

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