African Alliance for Energy Productivity (AAEP) was established in 2017. It is a non-profit company modelled on the Global Alliance for Energy Productivity which runs a worldwide initiative to double energy productivity by 2030.

Our approach is to secure new commitments from governments, policy makers, corporate decision makers, and educational institutions to create awareness of energy productivity practices within Africa. By collaborating with key energy productivity leaders, AAEP will promote greater economic prosperity through research & development, technical and capacity development, and policy advocacy.

African Alliance is in partnership with the Global Alliance, who operates on the international stage and has affiliations in all continents.

An Informed, Prosperous and Energy Efficient Africa.

Through dynamic actions, AAEP’s mission is to accelerate energy productivity in Africa, while doubling its economic production, by engaging with key government and corporate leaders, policy makers, regulatory boards, and educational institutions to maximize profitable energy efficiency solutions.


Research & Development

AAEP promotes multidisciplinary research and technological innovation to foster industrial and economic development.  AAEP’s research and development focuses on macro and micro studies in the areas of industry, housing, transport and commercial buildings.

Enhance Africa’s current policies

Policy and regulatory frameworks have been a continuous challenge in the African energy agenda. AAEP is promoting energy productivity policies and strategies to assist in the development of national policies, strategies, regulations and action plans to enhance energy productivity services in Africa.

Capacity and Technical Development

Building capacity to design, develop, implement and sustain energy productivity initiatives by the development of projects, technologies, and transfer of knowledge.


African Alliance for Energy Productivity is led by the Chairman Francis Barram, members of the government leaders, corporate leaders and other organisation executives.

Francis Barram

Francis Barram


Francis is a leading Australian sustainability advisor and published author of “How to Profit from Climate Change”. Francis is passionate about demonstrating the impact energy efficiency can have on improving the valuation of businesses in the resources sector.

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Through applying economic rigor and strategic, innovative and holistic solutions Francis has demonstrated that world best practice environmental outcomes can be achieved project after project.

Francis is an economist with more than fifteen years’ experience in energy analysis and economic evaluation of sustainability related efficiency projects. Francis has undertaken a complex evaluation of environmental issues, energy, and greenhouse policy.

A founding Director of the Energy Management Institute, which accredits energy auditors in Australia. Founder of the African Alliance for Energy Productivity.

Dr Edson Charikinya

Dr Edson Charikinya

Non-Executive Director

Dr Edson Charikinya is the Non-Executive Director of the African Alliance for Energy Productivity (AAEP). His background includes a PhD in Extractive Metallurgy from the University of Stellenbosch and leading teams on notable Energy Management projects in Florida USA. 

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He has led energy efficiency research projects and sustainability education initiatives as Researcher at the University of Cape Town. He is also a South African Technical Champion for the Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution (CEEC).

He has co-written a white paper on Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into business strategy and action, presented at the United Nations Global Compact World Leaders conference.

Outside the office, he enjoys playing soccer, golfing, and hiking in nearby wilderness areas with friends.

Trish Barram-Flynn

Trish Barram-Flynn

Project Director

Trish has a background in business and project management and is passionate about supporting the development of new industries. Her current focus is on marketing events to create the much-needed awareness of the emerging opportunities associated with e-mobility and the electric vehicle industry.

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Through her involvement with the African Alliance of Energy Productivity, her aim is to bring the key stakeholders of the energy productivity industry together to explore and create sustainable solutions.


African Alliance for Energy Productivity reports on its major outcomes and key partnerships at the end of each year.


Are you interested in making a positive impact on Africa’s energy future? Would you enjoy working closely with national and global institutions, governmental and business entities to support Africa’s transformation into reliable, sustainable and energy efficiency Africa? AAEP seeks for bright, driven professionals committed to fill positions in our growing organization.

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