Making a Difference Through AAEP Membership

The best way to understand and benefit from the dynamic energy productivity market, and lead the growth and transformation of the sector, is through AAEP Memberships.

AAEP Membership is the key to directly access a host of benefits and services that AAEP provides to companies and organizations. Investment in our membership packages will open up a wide range of opportunities for your business. You will be able to participate in and contribute to a community which is striving to make our Africa economy energy efficient, and businesses more competitive. You can help create more green jobs, leading to lower energy intensity at your country level.

AAEP supports its members to increase their credibility in the area of energy productivity by providing a bouquet of value-added, customized services. AAEP creates opportunities for its members that enable scaling of energy productivity products and services, and also catalyze Energy productivity financing.



We are your direct link to Energy Productivity initiatives and programs in Africa.

  • Committees – Committee participation provides a valuable leadership experience for you and networking opportunities to grow your business.
  • Networking – Peer to peer learning and networking with other African countries members on energy productivity initiatives will help grow your business and your company’s presence in the industry.
    • Business Development– Regular provision of case studies to highlight corporate leadership on energy productivity and opportunities to mentor other member companies and our members to keep them informed of business opportunities.
    • Opportunities – Opportunities to speak at key events related to energy productivity.
  • Event Discounts – Members receive generous discounts on registration    and exhibition fees at the industry’s conferences and meetings.

Policy Advocacy

Advocacy – AAEP is your voice in Africa. We work on national and regional policies that will help your African businesses to grow more energy efficiently.


Enjoy the benefits of recognition as a member of the only African Alliance

  • Member Directory Listing – Find your next Energy Productivity initiative business opportunity and be found by others! Contact THE AAEP to add your company.
  • Executive speaking engagement Opportunity – Our members receive advance notice about opportunities to speak and present at all AAEP events.


Take advantage of our resources and staff experts.

  • Industry News – Members receive our free weekly AAEP updates on state, national, and international policy, business and financing, industry research, and general energy news.
  • Industry Research – The AAEP provides comprehensive analysis of energy markets and policy through research reports and fact sheets from our own highly regarded staff.
  • Webinars – The AAEP regularly hosts webinars that are free to AAEP members and feature experts from across the industry, covering a variety of energy issues around Energy Productivity.
  • Major energy projects list – The AAEP maintains a database of major energy projects in Africa.


AAEP members represent various segments of the energy efficiency industry – technology, equipment and service providers, consulting companies and varied energy end-users committed to energy efficiency and clean energy. AAEP members also include reputed research and academic organizations.